"How do you get it all done?"

The Four Secrets to Getting the Right Things Done, Consistently, with Less Stress!

If you've ever felt discouraged and stuck trying to lose weight or feel better thinking, "I have too much on my plate! This is never going to work for me!!!" 

I've got you! 

Join me for this FREE Masterclass training that will show you the four secrets I've learned that have helped me create the time to take amazing care of myself & maintain my ideal weight, feel energized, and get things done that matter to me even as a busy mom.

LIVE! Thursday, April 15th 2021 @ 12pm MT

In This Masterclass

You'll Discover: 

1. The Major Mindset Shift

... that all would-be-healthy-mamas need to adopt to create a transformational change and stop yo-yoing with the results they are getting. 

2.  The No-Willpower Game Plan to Stay Consistent

... and how to create a schedule for your health and life that is simple, doable, exciting, and long-lasting. 

3. The Secret to Leveraging Your Time

... so you can stop working on things that feel urgent all day and start doing things that actually matter to you (like your self-care), even if you feel like you have ZERO time right now. 

4.  The Simple and Effective Way to Conquer Your Cravings 

... so you can think about something other than food, stop beating yourself up for falling short, and be a "fun" mom without your Diet Coke. 

You don't have to wait until your kids are in college to lose weight or boost energy.

Whether you've been stuck on the sidelines waiting for the "right time" to start a healthier routine, struggled to stay consistent while trying to juggle ever-changing schedules or felt resolved that having no time for yourself is "just life with kids" - this can still be the big breakthrough year with your health you've been waiting for. 

I know that trying to cram MORE into life is NOT working - so let's try a different approach! 

Join me to discover this simple mindset switch to have amazing health as a busy parent. 

A Personal Note from Janeen...

I've been obsessed with helping women get results with their health for the last two decades. 

I've discovered the pivotal, yet over-looked elements women must implement to create lasting change that sets them on a path toward incredible health and those that leave people feeling frustrated and thinking this is "just life with kids" or "I wasn't blessed with skinny genes."

This brand new masterclass is a culmination of EVERYTHING I've learned coaching and teaching women just like you. 

If you're committed to making 2021 YOUR YEAR by changing the trajectory of your LIFE into 2021 and beyond! - I can't wait to slash through the learning curve and help you get there faster and more effectively. 

See you there! 


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