The Vibrant Wellness Tribe is not just another program...

... it's a community that has ALL the tools you need for your wellness journey.

If you're a busy mom who is crazy-on-the-go, reacting to all things urgent, and falling into bed exhausted every night then you know you've got to make some changes before your health tanks.  

I get you.  As a mom of 4, military spouse and homeschooler, it was super easy for me to use excuses to not make my wellness and self-care a priority either. 

With a fitness and nutrition background, I REALLY knew what I needed to do to be healthy, but I wasn't doing it.  (...Sound familiar?)

Being healthy doesn't need to be complicated. To help you make holistic wellness a priority, I have created a 6-Step Success Path to help you be vibrant, alive and living your best life.  

I know you were meant to feel good, shine your light, and be a big deal in this world to the people around you. You are ready - even if you might not feel like it.  This is your year! It's never too late. 

You don't have to wait until "someday" 


  • Lose Weight and Boost Energy

    If you know you're not living your life to the fullest right now due to extra weight that's slowing you down, you don't have to wait until your kids are in college to start enJOYing yourself.  Self-care doesn't have to take hours each day.  You can feel better NOW.
  • Cut Cravings and Stop Emotional Eating

    What would it feel like to not feel the over-desire every time you're in a restaurant or wedding reception and there's food everywhere?  It would feel so freeing to actually think about something other than food all the time
  • Look and Feel Amazing in Your Clothes

    Confidently walk into any room, meet new people, go to the beach without clothes pinching or squeezing knowing you look beautiful.  Before you know it, you are the one that people are looking to for health tips and advice.
  • Set an Example of What's Possible

    You can stop secretly worrying or feeling guilty that you are setting a bad example of health for your kids. As you take the time to nurture YOU, you are showing them their health and life are worth the investment.
  • Create a Consistent Routine

    Even if you feel like you've never been able to be consistent before, finding time and making your health happen IS possible for YOU!  You will be able to rest at ease knowing you are traveling an unwavering path to a healthy future - physically, mentally and emotionally - 5, 10... 40+ years down the road. 

At a glance...

This is what you can expect inside the VW Tribe.


This is the best group of amazing women - who are all working on the same kinds of goals you are.  Grab an accountability partner and cheer each other on.  

Coaching with Janeen

Get weekly group coaching calls with Janeen to get your questions answered, work on your mindset, listen to others get coached, and trouble shoot problem areas.  

The VW Blueprint

Have full access to my Blueprint course that covers it ALL from self-coaching, peaceful productivity, how to sleep better, meditate, food and fitness... You're set! 

Step-by-Step Format

The Blueprint is dripped in, step-by-step, so you don't get lost or overwhelmed.  You can take your time knowing you'll be supported each step of the way.


You have immediate access to all my favorite resources and references including kitchen tools, books, fitness, well-researched supplements and more...

Meditation Library

The meditations, visualizations and breathing exercises found in this section are here to help you find peace, get to know you, and grow into your goals. 

VW Strength & Yoga

There is over a month's worth of content to help you ease into a routine (or kick it up a notch!). Each video includes detailed instruction and modifications to instruct any fitness level.  

Nutrition Coaching

We go in-depth on how to stop overeating, plant-based nutrition, how to stop buffering with food, and how to create your own protocol no matter your dietary preferences. 

Month-to-Month Content

After you've gone through the Blueprint course, you can participate in our monthly focus that will take things to a whole new level with your wellness journey. 

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"For years I have tried to develop a healthy lifestyle with food and exercise.  I would go on a diet, be successful for a time and then fail, only to end up right back where I started, or worse.

I knew I was using food as a way to deal with uncomfortable emotions, but I just didn’t know what to do about it.  I've learned how to uncover the underlying causes for my unhealthy habits and then how to deal with the overwhelming emotions that were leading me to overeat.  It has been literally life changing to learn how to feel an over desire for food and not have that desire lead to over indulgence. 

It was also game-changing to learn how to find and sustain the correct motivations for maintaining a healthy body.  This has been critical to my success because the wrong motivations simply don’t sustain the actions needed for excellent health.  I have also learned how compassion leads to greater success, something I did not believe before but has made a huge difference in the peace I feel about my journey. 

In the past I have been plagued by the all or nothing approach, but now I understand that my failures can be a very useful part of my journey and I can use them to propel me forward and not derail me. 

My experience with the Vibrant Wellness program has been absolutely life changing, unlike any program out there.  The support and caring Janeen offers is really unparalleled.  She truly cares about her students and has the unique talent of setting an inspiring high bar while being compassionate at the same time.  She has held me accountable, cheered me on and believed in me through this whole process, even when I was struggling to believe in myself.   I am so thankful to have found her, she is a rare voice of motivating and compassionate sanity in the health and fitness world."

JANIE S., MOM of 4

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for the VW Tribe

I think it's super common to have feelings of fear or doubt right before you make a big decision. Especially if you have "references" or "proof" from your past that trying to get healthier hasn't worked for one reason or another.  I think if you wait, at least if you're like me, you'll be waiting a lifetime.   

The Vibrant Wellness Blueprint takes you where you are and helps you make daily, doable changes that gradually and consistently get you to your big goals. Yes, those big goals that you think are so far out of your reach!  That is the beauty of learning how to create systems: they are YOURS, they are strategic, and they work! 

Imagine what your life would feel like if you could hit your big goal - and then another amazing goal... Make your decision from THAT place. 

"I didn't know how powerful systems could be until I put one in place for my bedtime routine.  As far back as I can remember, I have always been tired.  The one thing that has been consistent for the past 40 years was falling asleep with the TV on (and leaving it on all night).  It was my way of not letting the chatter in my head overwhelm me.  My husband tried for years to get me to break this habit.  

One night, about 2 months after I started learning about systems, I got up the courage and agreed to give it a try.  I came up with a routine that left me feeling rested and so much more effective throughout the day."  - Cheryl R.  

I can tell you all day long that you will actually have MORE time and MORE peace in your life when your systems are supporting you (my specialty), but let's hear from someone else for a change: 

"The timing [to join] was great even though I am a very, very, busy person.  By implementing my own systems and through well-developed course material, I was able to have more energy to do the things I needed to do, and to let go of other things in order to prioritize my health.

I have just been through my busiest time of year [in my business] and found, through the implementation of unique systems, that I had more time and was more at peace with my schedule. I am glad I did not continue to try on my own to make the changes that I needed for my health. 

I love how Janeen puts everything together for me in an easy to follow and personally supported format.  I appreciate every day how I have been able to grow and learn at such a rapid pace in a supportive and encouraging environment.  Maybe I could have done this on my own, but it would have taken years for me to learn and put together what Janeen has to offer."  - Festi E. 

For most people, lasting change doesn't start with a 180-overhaul.  It is consistent, bite-sized, doable changes that will ease people into a healthier place asking, How can I make 1% improvements each day?  Those 1% improvements start to add up fast!  

When we work together, my main focus is to help you take the next right step until it becomes second nature - once you get that down, then the next right step.

When it comes to changing your diet, what usually happens is that people focus on adding in more veggies and fruit - not cutting back on their favorite things. When you start adding in nutrient-dense foods, your cravings disappear because you feel full and you're getting the nutrients your body needs. And! you WANT to start taking better care of yourself because you can see and feel the improvements.  It gives you the motivation and energy to do things you thought you could never do!  You start to spiral UP!

"I have lost 25 lbs - from 155 to 130.  I've tried to put my health first many times before but it wouldn't last.  I would get sick of being hungry, I would miss old foods, I would get bored of exercise.  I learned how to eat in a way that left me full and my body feeling good.  When my body feels good it wants to move; I want to be active! That was a great realization for me.  

"This is not just another health and fitness class. Janeen worked with me on an emotional level.  What was stopping me from having what I wanted?  Why did I want to be healthy?  She was able to get me to a healthy place mentally, so that I was ready to make the sacrifices needed in order to see change.  She helped me see the reason that I had emotional baggage in my life - me!" - Meagan S. 

This is one thing I heard over and over and I wanted to alleviate this with my content.  The program's step-by-step structure is designed to help you take just ONE thing at a time so it doesn't feel like an overwhelming, firehose of information.

This is one of the reasons we start with Managing Your Mind and Becoming Peacefully Productive FIRST! As you learn to slow your thoughts down and clear the clutter from your life, you will get clarity for what to take on first.  If you get stuck, you can always ask questions in our live Q&A calls and I can help you get a tailored plan in place so you can move forward with confidence.

When you sign up you have instant access to the coaching calls, the orientation videos, Module 1 of the VW Blueprint (a new Module is dripped every 3 weeks), VW Strength, Meditation videos... You're set! 

You can join RIGHT NOW!  The VW Tribe is only open a few times a year.  This helps me to really give my full attention to the students who are inside the membership.  If you are thinking about it, don't wait! 

Not to worry.  I've got you covered.  The Blueprint content is dripped (that means you get access to one module every couple weeks) to help keep you from getting overwhelmed, but if you don't get all the work done you want to before the next Module goes live, it's perfectly fine.  As long as you are a member of the Tribe you will have access to the content.  Take your time.  There isn't any rush!  

I get it!  That is why I save them for you.  Each of the calls are recorded and added to the Coaching Call Library for you to access at your leisure.  You can also submit a question for me to answer LIVE on a call or in the VW Questions area.  

There are no refunds.  If you're not sure if the program is going to be a good fit, you can do the Month-to-Month pricing - you can cancel at any time. You can always upgrade to the Annual Membership at any time to save. 

Everyone is welcome in my program!  If you feel like it is a good fit, I'd love to have you! 

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Pay Annually: 


Save $118! 


The VW Tribe is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You've got a life and you want to LIVE IT instead of feeling exhausted, behind, chaotic and putting out fires all day long. 
  2. You're so done with the "quick fix!" You're ready to get to the root of your weight gain or health problems so you can cut the cravings and stop overeating.
  3. This is for you if you're willing to do the work to get lasting results.  Transformation is not easy. But! it will change your health and subsequent quality of life. If you're SO ready to make the change, then what you need is a roadmap and guide to get you there.  Let's do this! 
  4. You've already tried desperately to lose weight and eat right, but you feel confused, lost, and you feel like you're frantically spinning your wheels and your efforts just aren't getting the results you are looking for then this is The VW Tribe for you.
  5. You have a lot going on with your kids and activities and would love to have more ENERGY and fitness to keep up with them (and even participate in the fun) - I've got you covered! 
  6. You know your health is valuable, but you see it slipping away from you as you get older and you're not sure how to make consistent changes. You want to set a good example to your kids of how to live a healthy life so they don't have to suffer from debilitating disease. 
  7. You're ready to take the actions needed stop settling for mediocre results - you're ready for OUTSTANDING health and energy - then you're a fantastic fit for the TRIBE!

If you said “yes” to at least 4 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside the VW Tribe! 

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